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Install and Setup Bluestack Emulator on Windows

By the way, every software that comes in your Windows computer is good, but if you want to run Android Apps on your Windows computer, you just have to do an Android Emulator.

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What is Bluestack?
What are the Requirements to Run Blustack?
Minimum Requirements for Windows
Recommended System Requirements
How to Download and Install Bluestack?
How to Setup and Download your First Android App?

Now you may have a question in your mind what is Android emulator? Android emulator is an Android virtual device (AVD) that represents a specific Android device. You can use an Android emulator as a target platform to run and test your Android applications on your PC.

Now our main question is how do you run Android on your Windows PC. First, you need to go to the Bluestack website and Download Bluestack. 

Did You Know: BlueStacks App Player can run 1.5 million Android apps and in November 2019 Report, more than 210 million have downloaded BlueStacks.

What is Bluestack?

Install and Setup Bluestack Emulator on Windows
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Bluestacks is an American technology company that produces the Bluestacks app player. You Can Run Android Apps on Windows PC and Apple Mac OS. The Company was founded in 2009 by Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma, former.

Bluestack is a totally Free Android Emulator Software for Windows And Mac PC. You can Run Android Apps on Bluestacks easily. Bluestack is best Android emulator for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.

If you do not use Android mobiles and want to Run Android apps and games in your Windows PC. You can do the Proses with Bluestack.

This is the only Android app player that we recommend to virtualize the entire Android experience as Windows software without any damage to your system.

What are the Requirements to Run Blustack?

The BlueSteak emulator requires a minimum RAM and hard drive. You can run Bluestack on your Windows PC and Mac PC but it will not work smoothly when your PC Ram and Hard drive storage is low.

If you want to play a big Android game with Bluestacks Like PUBG, COD then you have more RAM and Hard Drive Storage. Because Games require more RAM and Storage to play.

Minimum Requirements for Windows :

  1. OS:  Windows 7 or Above.
  2. Processor:  Intel or AMD Processor.
  3. RAM:  PC must have at least 2GB of RAM. (Note 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)
  4. HDD:  5GB Free Disk Space.
  5. You must be an Administrator on your PC.
  6. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.

Bluestacks 4 will work on systems that fulfill the minimum system requirements but You can only run Bluestack with the minimum requirements given below. 

If you want to Run a Good game or App with Bluestack your computer can hang while running Bluestack. Because the RAM and Storage are Small. 

If you want to run a Bluedtack on a computer without any Problem and Hang you can follow Recommended System Requirements are mentioned.

Recommended System Requirements :

  1. OS:  Microsoft Windows 10.
  2. Processor:  Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with Single Thread PassMark score > 1000 and virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS.
  3. Graphics:  Intel/Nvidia/ATI, Onboard or Discrete controller with PassMark score >= 750.
  4. RAM:  8GB or higher
  5. HDD:  SSD (or Fusion/Hybrid Drives) 
  6. Internet: Broadband connection to access games and accounts.
  7. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor.
  8. Bluestack does not Recommend installing BlueStacks App Player if you have a virtual machine Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, or Oracle Virtualbox, installed on the same PC.

How to Download and Install Bluestack?

You need a good internet connection and a browser to Install the Bluestack. Remember to install if you have the above maximum requirements on your PC.

How to Download Bluestack?

How to Download Bluestack?

2. Click Download Bluestack.

How to Install Bluestack?

1. Once the Download finished, Open the Download File to begin the installation process.

How to Install Bluestack?

2. Click on the Install Button to start the installation proses.
3.  The Micro Installer will now download all the necessary files. This Prosses take time. This should take a couple of minutes depending on your PC Specifications.
4.  The Bluestacks engine will start automatically and you will now be prompted to complete the one-time initial setup process.

How to Setup and Download your First Android App?

1. Sign in to your existing Google account or create a new one to get started.

Setup and Download your First Android App

2. In addition to the Play Store, you can also download and play games from the search bar to the right of the search bar via the Bluestack.

Setup and Download your First Android App 2

You can play all your favorite games and run multiple Bluestack accounts through Bluestack. Read the BlueStacks Multi-instance guide to know about this feature in detail.

To know more details about BlueSteak, visit the Bluestack official website. If you have a problem Installing and Using Bluestacks, let us know in the comments.

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